Little Oranges

Little Oranges


All images appearing on this site are copyrighted:  © Patricia Schnepf  All Rights Reserved, except for event photography which is owned by the event producers . Permission to use site images needs to be obtained in writing.  Please submit your request using the contact form below.  Poetry and short stories on this site are copyrighted as well:  © Patricia Schnepf  All Rights Reserved.  

Special Events / Commercial Photography

Special events and commercial photography is a joint focus and activity.  I am also a SIFF 2014 Festival Volunteer Photographer and a member of the SIFF Volunteer Photographer Corps.  

Partial Links from SIFF events (all photos are raw/unretouched). 

Image Licensing

Certain images are currently being used in product design.  Image licensing/managed licensing is available. Please contact me for additional information.  Currently under license agreement with The Pike Place Market Foundation to use "Rachel the Piggy Bank."


This is a portfolio site.  However, prints are available for sale from two linked websites.  These websites will print at various sizes and provide framing, if desired, choice of paper or canvas, then package and ship from their facilities with a 100% guarantee for satisfaction:

The sites will eventually have separate Galleries for images appearing on this site.  The Galleries are being revamped and prepared.  Direct links will be available in the somewhat near future.


I am glad to answer most questions -- just contact me.



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