My Focus

The Artist...atricia Schnepf

The Artist...atricia Schnepf

My Focus is photography especially as a photographic art form.


A Little Something About Me...

My artistic background lends itself well to my current focus:  Photography. I have always loved art since picking up a charcoal pencil at seven years old and sketching my father in his favorite chair and visiting all the art museums and galleries in New York, my home town.  I studied art in New York, and continued in the arts working as a fashion/costume designer, then theater production, film production/admin, and broadcasting, with the additives of painting and sketching,

Photography is my main artistic focus.  It is my passion. I always want to capture the dynamics and/or sensitivity of my subject, bringing the subjects closer while projecting a mood, or feeling, which stimulates positive thinking and expands the imagination or, presents raw reality (though gently as possible). 

 I am always in a learning mode and experimenting with new techniques. Creating and presenting texture within, or from, the photograph is an import focal point especially with my wildflowers and treed landscapes.  Along with certain developed techniques, printing on special paper becomes an integral part of the composition:  it adds to the literal texture/feel of the image.

I exhibit my work and have won numerous awards and my art appears in private collections worldwide.  In conjunction with my fine art photography, my work is used in product design.  Commercial/event photography is a joint focus. 

Washington is currently my home.  Since moving to Washington, I started to enjoy hiking.  It is an experience that is soul-expansive especially for an easterner:  seeing trees all around and the open horizon (which is difficult in a large city with skyscrapers because the skies and trees compete with the tall buildings), and the fantastic sky formations.  As much as I enjoy the great outdoors, I also enjoy, and miss, the hustle,bustle, and dynamics of a large populated city.

I have a son who is also in the arts -- he is a terrific graphic artist/animator.


Patricia Schnepf                                                                                                               Shoreline, Washington